The SOMA token is the first legally issued and compliantly structured digital security open to global and US retail investors. It will be openly tradable on the SOMA DEX against other digital assets, securities and tokenized public equities.

SOMA Token Advantages


Token holders will be eligible to receive a portion of's profits in the form of preferred dividends.


Earn passive income by putting your tokens into a staking pool - a simple and secure way to earn rewards on your SOMA tokens.

Yield Farming Opportunities

Earn additional SOMA tokens and stablecoin rewards through SOMA token yield farming pools and initiatives.

Corporate Ownership

SOMA token holders have the rights of ownership of an actual security interest in SOMA Finance Incorporated in the form of a preferred equity position.

Market overview

Total DeFi users as of Jan 2023




DEX Trading volume as of Mar 2023




Tokenized Securities Market Cap as of May 2023




Tokenized Securities Market Growth in 2023


Total equity issuance




Market gaps

Regulatory challenges and lack of licensing

Exposure to bad actors and market manipulators

Inaccessibility to specific securities and asset classes

Fragmented access to DeFi products and offerings

Lack of transparency and regulatory oversight

Absence of platform security and user protection


First mover in compliance

Through Tritaurian Capital, currently has the only SEC & FINRA approved license to offer tokenized securities on any blockchain.

Multi-asset platform will initially launch with 10-20 tokenized equities, ETFs, crypto assets, and STOs with more products to be added.

P2P AMM Transaction

Trade across all asset classes in a peer-to-peer and decentralized fashion, without having a centralized orderbook or there being room for market manipulation.

Semi-permissionless access to DeFi

Following the proper KYC/AML guidelines, institutions and retail alike will be able to access yield farming and liquidity provider incentives, as well as a number of DeFi primitives.

Product overview

Product image 1 is the first fully-compliant, multi-asset decentralized exchange (DEX) and capital raising platform.
Founded in 2021 as a partnership between the founders of the multi-platform decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol MANTRA and the broker-dealer Tritaurian Capital, the purpose of is to offer a secure bridge between DeFi and TradFi for anybody, anywhere in the world.
Through the platform, users will get access to a first of its kind legal and regulated framework for the trading of tokenized equities, token issuances and exclusive projects.
With our secure onboarding process and comprehensive encryption protocols, aims to build a community of empowered and educated investors with an accessible, regulated financial platform.With the introduction of regulated securities to the DeFi market, is set to usher in the next evolution of decentralized finance as the mass adoption of blockchain technology unfolds in the years ahead.


  • Large database of signed up users.
  • High engagement rates for social media and emails.
  • Successfully executed RegD offering for Spencer Dinwiddie's NBA contract tokenization deal.
  • Closed seed round and liquidity round raising $13 million USD from top global investors (see notable investors).

Vision and strategy

To offer a secure bridge between DeFi and TradFi for anyone, anywhere in the world.


We deliberately and persistently innovate, bringing new ideas and possibilities to finance.


In an industry oftentimes characterized by predation, integrity keeps us accountable to end users all over the world.


DeFi is in constant motion and always evolving. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by understanding user needs and adapting to meet them.

Empowerment & education

To empower investors around the world, we educate, understanding that our ideal user is an informed one.


Phase 1: Pre-launch

Converting the 600K+ Whitelisted individuals into KYC'd users.
First Issuance
Launch regulatory compliant and legal tokenized security offerings to US and global retail through the use of the Tritaurian Capital licenses via RegCF/S/D/A+.
MTL Licensing
Reach compliance with money transmitter laws in all 50 states.
SOMA Starter
$SOMA RegCF public token sale.

Phase 2: Post-launch

SOMA Lockdrop
Build up initial DEX and platform liquidity through the sale of different tokenized public equities, while being incentivized by the $SOMA token.
Launch of DEX
Launch the first 10+ pools of crypto and blue chip public equities for US and international retail, accredited and institutional users to trade.
Allow both retail and institutional users to access interest yielding products in a regulatory compliant manner.

$SOMA tokenomics

Total supply
88,888,888 SOMA
Seed Round
Liquidity Round
Reg CF
OM Staking Airdrop
SOMA Staking Rewards
SOMA LP Staking
Reserve Pool
Reserve and Liquidity Position
BD License Fee

$SOMA vesting schedule

SOMA vesting schedule

Team members

William Heyn

William Heyn

Co-founder & Co-CEO

John Patrick Mullin

John Patrick Mullin

Co-founder & Co-CEO

James Preissler

James Preissler


Will Corkin

Will Corkin


Rodrigo Miranda

Rodrigo Miranda


Blair Sugarman

Blair Sugarman

Head of Marketing

Shane Carrello

Shane Carrello

Product Manager

Ivy Choi

Ivy Choi

Marketing Manager

Khendi Lee

Khendi Lee

UX/UI Lead

Notable investors

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